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"Drawing all people into Christ"



Assists the pastor to further the mission of each parish individually and collaboratively.
The Council is comprised of an equal amount of trustees and parishioners representing each of our parishes.

Meetings are open to any parishioners of our 3 parishes.  While guests are welcome to attend, the participation may be limited to times determined by the chairperson in consultation with the pastor, such as managed "open form" time.

Tri-Parish Council

Rev. Michael E. Betley - Pastor
Deacon Tim Stevenson - Chairperson
Danielle Breckheimer, Harvey Daun, Doug Ecker,
Samantha Gehl, Linda Holzschuh,Dave Mader,
Brian Mathes, Christine Nadler, Nancy Probst,
Doug Sweere, Jenni Vollmer
Diane Wickersheim - Pastoral Associate
Marianne Wnek - Parish Staff


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